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25 Jahre Industriemuseum Papiermühle Homburg

Ein Fest mit Infoangeboten, Musik und einem Mitbring-Buffet. Die Papiermühle Homburg erweitert ihr Konzept. Bald können Besucherinnen und Besucher der Papiermühle Homburg nicht nur Industriekultur, sondern auch Kaffee genießen. Welche Neuerungen sonst noch geplant sind.

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Here you will find both events in the mill or paper barn, as well as the dates of the museum on tour.

Exhibition "Under Pressure" on May 28th to August!

To the dates 2022

The Museum

A family story that started in the 19th century!

The Museum Paper Mill Homburg

  The history of the mill Water and hydropower are two important prerequisites

Museum Papiermühle Homburg Referenzen
Renate Xmeier
Museum visitor

“Craftsmanship brought to life”

Julia Meder
Visitor of the Mouse Day

Open the Doors for the mouse-day! For my children and me it has been a very special day at the Papermill Homburg. Many thanks to Mr. Follmer and the whole team.

Nora Jennings
Participant of the Summer Academy

As a participant in the Summer Academy 2018, in which I had already participated in 2017, I am still impressed by the high quality of this facility. In addition to the qualified lecturers, especially the family atmosphere characterized by Johannes Follmer and his wife Maarit Follmer contributes significantly to the success of this academy.

Opening Times

May 1st to October 31st

Tuesday to Friday

  • 10 am to 12 am and 2 pm to 4 pm

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

  • 10 am to 12 am and 2 pm to 5 pm

Entrance Fee

3,00 € / 2,00 €

    Our team

    We all feel connected to the paper mill

    Team Museum Paper Mill Homburg Johannes Follmer
    Johannes Follmer
    Company Leader

    In fifth generation Paper maker – museum director Johannes Follmer is the youngest

    Johannes Follmer
    Museum Papiermühle Homburg Maarit Follmer
    Maarit Follmer
    Guided Tours in the Museum

    Guided tours for international guests   Maarit Follmer comes from Finland, where the

    Maarit Follmer
    Museum Papiermill Homburg Kurt and  Hildegard Follmer
    Kurt and Hildegard Follmer
    The old Millers

      Kurt and Hildegard Follmer, the parents of Johannes Follmer They ran the

    Kurt and Hildegard Follmer

    What you can experience

    See - Experience - Feel

    Live and Work

      Living Room and Workshops Life in a paper mill The living space

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    Work and Live

      The workplaces next to the living rooms Work was done next to

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    The Paper

      Feel Paper Making – Couching – Pressing – Drying These are the

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