The paper mill is a complete “open-air museum building” preserved on site. The living and working spaces are completely preserved and accessible to museum visitors on five levels. Pupils follow the various work areas from the basement to the loft in the angular building. In addition to the interesting history of the building, the craft of paper making – paper millery – is in the center of attention. In 1997, a museum was set up in a small part of the building, in which various areas on the subject of “paper” are highlighted:

  • the papermaking
  • the raw materials
  • the watermarks
  • the life of the Papiermüller family Follmer.

This year we offer new:

  • a model of the paper mill
  • four dioramas of the working steps in the paper mill Homburg
  • a new scooping workshop

In the neighboring paper barn, there is the paper manufactory of Johannes Follmer, where valuable handmade paper is still produced today.

As a teacher, you have many opportunities to build a thematic network with our workshop and leadership offer, for example:

“Stories from the life of a Paper Müller Family”
HSU: time of the 19th century / known persons of the 19th century / local history
Deutsch: Write a Treatise Based on Source Research (Wanderbuch of J. Follmer)
Musik: Music of the 19th century / Life in the 19th century
Kunst: The art of making paper / make paper yourself and work creatively (guided tour in combination with workshops)

“Journey into the world of paper”
HSU: Technical and cultural development using the material “paper”
HSU: Handling the material “paper” in everyday life / recycling
Kunst: The creativity of man / What you can do with the material of paper (furniture, lamps, packaging, etc.)
Kunst: the art of paper making / paper making and creative editing (guided tour in combination with workshops)

“The mill rattles on the rushing brook”
HSU: History of technology using the example of mills
HSU: Energy generation then and now
HSU: Environment and technology / use of a stream earlier and today
Kunst: Works: Construction of a small mill wheel

“The paper mill – predecessor of the modern industrial paper factory”
HSU: History of technology using the example of a paper mill
HSU: Energy use and raw materials then and now
HSU: Cultural history in the immediate vicinity
Kunst: Paper production and creative design (guided tour in combination with workshops)

If you travel by bus, Homburg am Main offers further local, separate offers, which you can combine with the offer of the Museum Papiermühle:

  • sightseeing of the piano collection of 18./19.Jh. of artist Michael Günther in the Homburger lock
  • guides tour to the geological feature of Homburg Kallmuth (with Boris Dürr / Homburg or Bernd Wolz / Kreuzwertheim)
  • legend  hike des HCV Homburg
  • night watchman tour mit Peter Schuck, Homburg
  • hikes with botanical and cultural features of our Franconian wine village (more info
  • visit of a winery