Important to the museum educational offer

Our museum team has been experienced in dealing with children and youth groups for many years. Each guide should still be accompanied by one to two adult caregivers. The guided tours are prepared according to the age groups and contain different curricular priorities.

We, as leaders, are always delighted to learn that the subject is being discussed at school, and so the interest in our particular cultural and industrial monument is even greater.

If you visit us with several classes at the same time, a combination of the different modules is recommended. It can be:

  • One to two guided tours of your choice in combination with a workshop in alternation
  • two guides in parallel
  • two workshops in alternation
  • Please bring aprons at the workshops. A telephone consultation with you (as a teacher) is desirable in order to tailor the workshops to the age groups and – in the context of the workshop “Printing with Paper” – the selection of the printing technique.
  • When guiding “The mill rattles on the rushing stream” please pay attention to rainproof clothing, as this guide takes place in (almost) any weather outside. In case of unreasonable weather conditions, we offer instead of rejection the alternative guidance: “The paper mill – predecessor of the paper mill”.
  • Another important note, so that no student must “starve”: In our wine village has recently closed the last Grocery Store. The nearest Edeka market with bakery is located between Lengfurt and Homburg am Main, 3 km away. Our 5 restaurants in Homburg usually open at 5 pm. It is strongly recommended to pack a decent snack and drinks for the stay or to reserve in advance in the restaurants for the group. In the yard of the idyllic paper mill, there is certainly enough space and seating to take the vespers you brought with you.
  • Our museum is not barrier-free.