Kurt and Hildegard Follmer


Kurt and Hildegard Follmer, the parents of Johannes Follmer

They ran the mill well into the 1970s. And have made it possible that the paper mill
today is a museum that is visited by numerous guests from home and abroad.
And enjoys a high reputation among visitors, artists and those interested in paper.

Until recently, Kurt Follmer was still working at the mill cash desk and taking care of guided tours.
First-hand knowledge, so to speak.
He also often lent a hand in Johannes Follmer’s paper workshop, turning the paper around,
when folding envelopes and much more.

Hildegard Follmer was particularly involved in the design of the mill’s surroundings. She still cares now
about the lovingly cultivated atmosphere of the farm.

Both are still a helping hand for the paper mill. Today more through the word, earlier through their energetic diligence.
Despite retirement, you still take an active part in what’s going on in the mill. When visitors visit the mill,
feel free to have a chat. And tell anecdotes from their creative lives.