Aditional Offers


School classes and groups

For the individual tours and the workshop, a professionally hand-made paper package for creative editing in the school or in the group is available.

It contains a desired number of hand-made handmade paper from the manufactory Johannes Follmer. We ask you to pre-order the paper package when registering.

A handmade sheet of handmade paper
DIN A 4 1.30 €
A handmade sheet of handmade paper
DIN A 5 0.70 €



In the museum rooms, every child has the opportunity to compose his or her personal paper mill booklet from individual sheets to be worked on site.
It provides a hands-on knowledge of the paper mill and serves as a reminder for the home.
There is no guide to this issue, it can always be created during museum opening hours.
The magazine is free, we accept a donation.