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Museum on Tour – 400 years University Library Würzburg

16.Listopad 2019 um13:00 bis18:00

Das Museum Papiermühle Homburg Veranstaltungen Das Museum auf Tour 400 Jahre Universitätbibliotehk Würzburg

Freshly pressed – papermaking and printing as in Gutenberg’s time

“Eleven printers are attested in Würzburg in the 15th and 16th centuries, Anton Reyser is probably the most well-known among them Prince Bishop Rudolf von Scherenberg brought him to Würzburg in 1479. 30 years after Gutenberg had revolutionized the printing press with his invention of printing with movable type In Würzburg, modern printing technology moved in. Over the centuries, the printing works developed in the cathedral city, which in the 19th century opened the book as mass-produced goods for the general public through the development of high-speed printing presses. “Friedrich Koenig and Andreas Friedrich were not the only ones who founded the book Bauer their express press factory in Würzburg, in the former monastery Oberzell and thus laid the foundation for the company operating today worldwide Koenig & Bauer.

Accompany us on the day of the search for a trail through the history of printing! Marvel at valuable printed matter in our collections, from early clichés to 19th-century industrial printing to today’s “hybrid” publications. We will show you a copy of a Gutenberg Bible, the Breviarium by Anton Reyser and the travel booklets for everyone of the Würzburg publisher Leo Woerl, who were even heavily reprinted in the 20th century.

In our digitalization center, you can see live how the valuable prints are digitized and thus protected on the one hand, and made accessible on the intranet on the other hand.

Take a look behind the scenes of our university publishing house Würzburg University Press and find out how scientific books are created today and what is important.

Die Paper Mill Homburg introduces you to the art of papermaking and gives you the opportunity to create your own paper.

On a replica of a Gutenberg press you can slip into the role of Gutenberg and act as a printer. You can take your printing as a souvenir home. “

(Source: Webpage of the University Library Würzburg)


16.Listopad 2019
13:00 bis18:00


0931 31-85906
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Zentralbibliothek Universität Würzburg
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0931 31-85906
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